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The Challenges

Submission categories

We seek for Indonesian and foreign individuals, students, start-ups, project teams, SME and other companies from all types of sectors with ground-breaking technological as well environmental and social impactful ideas. Business plans can be submitted in the following specific categories:



 Dear AIC applicant,

We are super happy that you are going to join us. Haven’t you read the competition guidelines yet? Be sure to do so first –> here.
Once you have read all the details. Start filling out the form below. Be sure to follow the guidelines. Only fully completed applications can be accepted. Goodluck!

General information

Please fill out the form in English
1. Proposal title:*
2. Team leader information:
3. Is your team affiliated with an organisation?
4. If 3 is yes, what is the name of the organisation:
5. If 3 is yes, which country is the organisation located:
6. If 3 is yes, what is the organisation type:
8. What track does your innovation apply to:*
7. What award stage are you applying for: (In which stage is your innovation?) *
9. What stage of the supply chain does your innovation apply to?
10. In the past 3 years, did you propose the same innovation/idea/solution to any other challenge/competition?
11. If you answerd A or B in question 9, please name the competition you were in.

Problem & solution (Degree of Innovation) (175-275 words)

12. Describe the specific problem and/or challenge that you want to solve (75-125 words):*
13. Describe the proposed solution and explain why your solution is innovative and/or transformative (100-150 words):*

Environmental, social and economic impact (150-200 words)

14. Describe how your solution will contribute to environmental sustainability and which specific environmental challenges are addressed (50-75 words):*
15. Describe the (potential) product customers and how it includes small scale producers (50-75 words):*
16. Explain how your solution will economically benefit your target customers (50-75 words):*

Business potential (150-225 words)

17. Describe the business and revenue model for your solution (50-75 words):*
18. What will be your unique selling points? Explain how your solution will compete with similar solutions (50-75 words):*
19. Explain the current stage of your idea/solution- from design to up-scaling (50-75 words):*

Finance and investability (100-150 words)

19. Describe the involved team to realize your solution and which external partners you are teaming up with (50-75 words):*
20. In what way is the proposed idea/solution replicable and scalable to different countries and or species/sectors (50-75 words)?*
21. In what way is the proposed idea/solution replicable and scalable to different countries and or species/sectors (50-75 words)?(1)*
22. Explain the required investment and support type (technical, financial, business). Mention both the amount and steps which need financial support (50-75 words):*