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Aquaculture Innovation Challenge

Finding bright minds and enabling them to realize their ambition by connecting them to finance and capital is THE Aquaculture Innovation Challenge (AIC).

The challenge is looking for Indonesian and foreign individuals, students, start-ups, project teams, SME and other companies from all types of sectors (e.g. raw materials, manufacturing, services, information, human..). In summary, we seek for everyone who is addressing current sustainability challenges in the Indonesian shrimp sector from design, demonstration and upscaling. Do you have a ground-breaking idea or innovations that has impact on breeding, feeding, farming, post-harvest and waste, branding and marketing?

Background Aquaculture in Indonesia

By 2050, aquaculture production will have to grow by 70 million tonnes of seafood, to meet the growing demand, and will play an increasingly important role in global food security. Indonesia is a significant global shrimp producer and is home to a very diverse sector, including many different species, production systems, and types of farmer. With the Indonesian government and industry’s ambitious growth targets, aiming to hit 600,000 tonnes by 2020 according to James Anderson’s presentation at the Global Aquaculture Alliance’s (GAA) Global Outlook on Aquaculture Leadership (GOAL) conference in 2018, innovation will be an essential way to move towards that growth being more sustainably achieved.

The AIC mission is to find bright minds, with great ideas for creating positive environmental and social impact on the aquaculture industry, and help them achieve their ambitions. AIC connects its finalists to knowledge, networks, finance and capital and exposes them to the critical (and helpful) eye of a multi-disciplinary team of industry professionals. This team, made up of Indonesian and foreign individuals from financial institutions, shrimp related businesses, knowledge partners, government institutions and NGO’s, will oversee the process and act as proposal judges and boot camp coaches.

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