The Jury

The Aquaculture Innovation challenge jury consists of experts with a background in science, business, finance and civil society. The jury will be updated regularly.

Dan Lee

Organisation: Global Aquaculture Alliance
Position: Standards Coordinator and Program Integrity Advisor

Dan Lee is the Standards Coordinator and Program Integrity Advisor for the Global Aquaculture Alliance’s BAP (Best Aquaculture Practices) program and an Honorary Lecturer at Bangor University, UK. He spent his early career farming crustaceans, most notably marine shrimp, for research and commercial projects in South America, the Caribbean, Africa and Asia. He gained an international reputation as an aquaculture expert through the publication of the textbook Crustacean Farming, Ranching and Culture and through his work with the Global Aquaculture Alliance and the Best Aquaculture Practices program. He has assisted in the development of international standards for responsible aquaculture, with special regard to food safety, traceability and environmental and social issues.

Dave Little

Organisation: University of Stirling
Position: Chair of Aquatic Resource Development

David Little is currently the Chair of Aquatic Resource Development at the Institute of Aquaculture, University of Stirling and leading a newly formed Seafood Consumption Initiative with national and international partners. He has more than 35 years of professional experience in the sector. Research and educational interests focus around the societal impacts of aquaculture and, increasingly, highlighting the importance of seafood in food systems.  As part of the Aquaculture Systems research group at the institute, he has developed and coordinated a wide range of research, both externally funded and through postgraduate research with a focus on Asia and Africa. He has published widely on the interface between aquatic food production, broader natural resource management and development and been a vocal advocate and practitioner of interdisciplinary systems research. He has been involved in many expert reviews  and consultations such as those relating to Food Futures (UK Government), the potential for innovative feed sourcing strategies, (World Fish Centre), Sustainable Intensification (FAO-NACA), aquaculture certification (WWF, FAO) and the roles of aquaculture in poverty alleviation (DFID). He is a member of the Global Aquaculture Alliance Standards Oversight Committee and Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch Multi-Stakeholder Group.

Fauzan Bahri

Organisation: Skretting
Position: Sales Manager, Indonesia

Fauzan Bahri is Skretting’s sales manager in Indonesia. Fauzan has more than 18 years of experience in the shrimp feed, hatchery and farming business.

Georg Baunach

Organisation: HATCH
Position: Co-founder

Georg Baunach is a co-founder of HATCH, the world’s first aquaculture startup accelerator with operations in Norway, Ireland and soon South-East Asia. He also founded Aqua Angels, an Angel investor syndicate which tries to protect the oceans through early-stage risk capital. Georg is a molecular biotechnologist with a background in synthetic biology and biofuels research experience from Harvard Medical School. In parallel to his studies, he worked on the development of insect and algae-based products. He founded a renewable energy company in Ghana in 2015, which works with commercial and industrial clients to reduce energy costs through clean tech. Georg holds a Masters in Management from London Business School.

Ika Dwinita Sofa

Organisation: PT. Asuransi Jasa Indonesia (Asuransi Jasindo)
Position: Head of Agriculture and Micro Insurance Business

Ika Dwinita Sofa is the Head of Agriculture and Micro Insurance Business Unit at PT. Asuransi Jasa Indonesia (Asuransi Jasindo). She manages daily operation and designing operational policies for Asuransi Jasindo to effectively function as government’s Agriculture Insurance Program executor, from Rice Crop to Fisheries Insurance. She has been working in the insurance industry since 2002 and started the career as a property and casualty underwriter. Ika earned her degree in agribusiness from Bogor Agricultural University, graduated in 2001 and master degree in strategic management at Gadjah Mada University, graduated in 2008. She currently lives in Jakarta. When not juggling with claims and operations, she likes spending her times watching movies and reading.

Ken Malone

Organisation: Early Charm Ventures, LLC
Position: Principal

Ken has co-founded over twenty companies based on university licensed intellectual property in industries spanning aquaculture, materials science, imaging and biotechnology. Today, he manages Early Charm Ventures, a start-up studio located in Baltimore, Maryland. The ‘Charm City’, home to Johns Hopkins University and the University System of Maryland, is a rich source of new intellectual property feeding Early Charm’s expanding business. Ken’s ventures into aquaculture include early-stage companies such as VakSea, Inc. (vaccines), MinnowTech, LLC (shrimp biomass) and Gaskiya Diagnostics, Inc. (disease diagnostics). Prior to forming Early Charm, Ken was the Chief Operating Officer at the University of Southern Mississippi (home of the Gulf Coast Research Laboratory) where he also created innovation, economic development and entrepreneurship programs. His early career included applications research, manufacturing, marketing, business management, M&A and finance roles with global chemical companies. He holds a PhD in Polymer Science from the University of Southern Mississippi and a BS in Biochemistry from The University of Miami. In his youth he dreamed of becoming a marine biologist, attending college with that goal in mind, only to become sidetracked with the harsh employment perspectives at the time. Thirty years later, he is pleased to be returning to his earliest passion.

Liris Maduningtyas

Organisation: JALA TECH
Position: Co-founder and CEO

Liris Maduningtyas is the co-founder and CEO of JALA TECH, a data service company for aquaculture need. Everything she’s been through before 2016 had nothing to do with aquaculture, except that she eats fish. She worked as a field engineer in Schlumberger after graduated from Electrical Engineering UGM. With her background, she’s driven to help aquaculture farmers become more tech-savvy.

Mr NG Chee Kiat

Organisation: Global Gen
Position: International Sales

Mr NG Chee Kiat is an aquaculture specialist with more than 20 years experience in the aquaculture industry based in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. At Global Gen, Mr NG develops international markets and works closely with customers in China, India, Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia to promote Global Gen SPF P. Vannamei broodstock. He communicates with the broodstock production centre on the market trends and expectations from shrimp breeders in the various countries and is well versed with the diversity in shrimp farm requirements in the Asian region. Mr NG has been involved in the various sectors of the industry including both freshwater marine shrimp aquaculture as well as aquaculture feed production and marketing in various countries in the region. He has also been active in developing the industry through his participation in NGOs in Malaysia such as the Malaysian Fisheries Society, where he was the President for 2 terms. He has helped establish the Marine Fish Farmers Association of Malaysia where he currently serves as its Vice President.

Peter Bryant

Organisation: Walton Family Foundation 
Position: Senior Program Officer

Peter Bryant is a Senior Program Officer in the Walton Personal Philanthropy Group, supporting environment-related grantmaking, impact investing and strategy development for the Walton family. In this role, he works on a variety of environmental strategies, including ocean conservation and sustainable fisheries, aquaculture, water scarcity, renewable energy and community and economic development. Prior to joining the Walton Personal Philanthropy Group, he led the ocean conservation program strategy at the Walton Family Foundation, overseeing programs around sustainable fisheries and marine protected areas in Indonesia, the United States, Mexico, Chile, and the Eastern Tropical Pacific Seascape over the course of eight years. Prior to joining Walton, Peter led several freshwater, land conservation and ocean conservation programs with a variety of non-governmental organizations, most notably WWF International and The Nature Conservancy.

Hugo Couderé

Organisation: Alterfin c.v.b.a. (Belgium)
Position: Senior Advisor

Hugo holds a Ph. D. in Applied Economics and has been working on rural development since 1980. He specialised in the field of rural finance and, since 1992, in microfinance and agricultural value chain finance. He has been teaching Development Management and Microfinance for seven years at IDPM – University of Antwerp. In 1995 he started Alterfin, a social investor company, and has been its Managing Director until 2013 when he became Senior Advisor for the same company. He has board-level experience in three microfinance institutions in Asia and Africa.

Roel Bosma

Organisation: WUR
Position: Project Manager

Dr.ir. RH (Roel) Bosma is an advocate of this interdisciplinary collaboration. After having graduated MSc in Tropical Animal Husbandry, and worked in rural development, university education & research and farming systems research, he obtained a PhD in Animal Sciences. At present he manages collaborative integrated research projects on aquaculture & coastal zone development, leads projects aiming at competence-based curriculum design, and supervises PhD students in the field of aquaculture development in South East Asia.

Tom Prins

Organisation: Aqua-Spark
Position: Dealflow Analyst

With a background in business geography and diplomacy Tom Prins joined Aqua Spark in 2015. As the company’s dealflow analyst he is responsible for managing a pipeline of more than 600 companies across the globe, across various parts of the aquaculture value chain – from selective breeding and hatcheries, to feed, new production technologies and market access. With the company’s mission to transform today’s aquaculture industry into one that is more sustainable and doesn’t compromise the planet, Tom has a great overview of promising – clean – innovations in the aquaculture industry.

Trini Pratiwi

Organisation: Sustainable Trade Initiative (IDH)
Position: Program Officer Aquaculture

Trini joined the Sustainable Trade Initiative (IDH) as Program Officer Aquaculture, based in Jakarta. Some specialities are seaweed culture, integrated multi-trophic aquaculture, fish nutrition, feed production and management, aquaculture system and technology and mangrove conservation. Before joining IDH, Trini was a student researcher at the University of Tasmania and worked at WorldFish before becoming the advisor at the Directorate of Aquafeed and Seed Production at the Indonesian Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries.

Chintara Diva Tanzil

Organisation: Rabo Foundation
Position: Sustainability Banking Specialist

Chintara Diva Tanzil is the Sustainability Banking Specialist for Rabo Foundation. Rabo Foundation is Rabobank Group’s social fund. Rabobank Foundation’s target group are the millions of small-scale farmers that form the basis for the supply chain in developing countries. RF efforts are geared to strengthening farming communities’ economic base through providing access to finance, access to knowledge and network. She is responsible for originating and managing projects across Indonesia together with the Rabo Foundation team. Diva has also worked on collaborative projects – bringing organizations together to work on shared sustainability endeavors.

Imam Musthofa

Organisation: WWF-Indonesia
Position: Director of Marine & Fisheries

Imam Musthofa has worked in sea and fisheries conservation programs in Indonesia for over than 15 years. He founded the sea conservation NGO called TENNELA Foundation to support the Karimun Jawa National Sea Park in 1999 before joining WWF-Indonesia in 2001. He was responsible for leading the WWF-Indonesia marine program in Sunda-Banda Seascape to protect the sea biodiversity through reforms within the business and market sectors. 

In the last five years, Imam and his team successfully facilitated the establishment of the 1.5 million hectares of new Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) in the Sunda-Banda Seascape, and promoted the concept of “MPAs for Fisheries” in Indonesia. He also successfully initiated and expanded the well-recognized business-to-business platform in the fisheries sector (Seafood Saver) and marine tourism sector (Signing Blue). 

Imam holds a PhD degree in Marine Conservation Biology from Universitas Indonesia and has over than 15 scientific publications in the fields of fisheries and marine conservation.

Chelsea Andrews

Organisation: Xpertsea
Position: General Manager

Chelsea Andrews is the General Manager for Asia-Pacific at XpertSea, a Canadian aquatech company developing smart aquaculture solutions. In her role as General Manager, Chelsea directs and coordinates regional sales and marketing efforts as well as develops and manages customers from acquisition to after-sales support. She has worked with hundreds of shrimp hatcheries across Asia and is passionate about providing producers with the tools and training required to create a more sustainable industry. Chelsea holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree from Smith College in Massachusetts, USA and a Master of Business degree from Rensselaer Polytechnic in New York, USA.

Budhi Wibowo

Budhi Wibowo has more than 25 years’ experiences in marketing and entrepreneurial field of work after graduating from Department of Agroindustrial Technology of IPB. Wibowo has worked in the fields of teaching, marketing, trading and wide-ranging entrepreneurs, and now focus more on seafood and fisheries by becoming President of Indonesian Fishery Product Processing & Marketing Association (AP5I). But Wibowo’s passion for marketing never goes out and he has continued to teach marketing, has become an advisor to several companies, fostering the SME community, and become a trainer in the field of marketing, selling skills, international trade and negotiations in different companies and university. In addition to teaching, 4 books in the same field have been published to spread the knowledge of marketing and entrepreneurship.

Dr. Sukenda

Organisation: Bogor Agricultural University (IPB)
Position: Associate Professor and Lecturer of Department of Aquaculture

Dr. Sukenda has been a professional in the aquaculture for more than 20 years. A bachelor’s degree in fisheries was obtained from Bogor Agricultural University, Master and PhD degrees were obtained from the University of Tokyo. Dr. Sukenda has been working as a lecturer and researcher in the Aquaculture Department, Bogor Agricultural University, and is also the founder of an intensive shrimp farm located in Lampung. The chairman of the Indonesian shrimp commission for the period 2013-2014. Since 2007 Dr. Sukenda has also been an auditor for the Best Aquaculture Practices Certification scheme of the Global Aquaculture Alliance. He has conducted audits for hatcheries and farms in Indonesia, Malaysia and India. From theoretical and practical experience, it can be concluded that the success and sustainability of the shrimp farming industry is determined by the ability to use limited natural resources efficiently, responsibility for the environment, social concern, optimization of the supply chain from farm to table, and a fair return to farmers.

Dr. Gede Suantika

Dr. Gede Suantika is currently lecturer and researcher of Aquaculture at ITB. He earned his Bachelor of Biology at Institut Teknologi Bandung-Indonesia in 1993, Master Degree of Aquatic Ecology at the same institute in 1997, and his PhD in Applied Biology (aquaculture) from the University of Ghent-Belgium in 2001 under Prof. Patrick Sorgeloos supervision. For his Ph.D thesis, he worked on the development of a recirculation system for the marine rotifers, Brachionus plicatilis. In 2002, he was awarded as one of laureates of Development Co-operation Prize Winner in Belgium.

 After completing his doctorate program, he started a position as lecture at The School of Life Sciences and Technology ITB and conducted research and aquaculture protocept-prototype technology development at the Laboratory of Aquatic Ecology at ITB. His research activities are focused on the development of close aquaculture system: zero water discharge, recirculating aquaculture system, and hybrid system mainly for sustainable super intensive white shrimp culture both at laboratory as well as at industrial scale. He already installed these close shrimp culture systems at West Java, East Java, and Bali area.

He has contributed to the progress and development of aquaculture science and technology through his scientific publications: scientific journal and book chapter.

Rully Setya Purnama

Organisation: Minapoli
Position: : Lecturer and Researcher

Rully Setya Purnama is the Founder & CEO of Minapoli. Rully received his bachelor’s degree in aquaculture from Bogor Agriculture University (IPB) at 2003. He has more than 15 years experience in aquaculture industry including 12 years in mariculture and 3 years in startup ecosystem.

Jan Yoshioka

Jan Yoshioka is the Director, Oceans Investing for Conservation International Ventures LLC (“CI Ventures”), an impact-first conservation investment vehicle founded and managed by Conservation International (“CI), a U.S. based conservation organization working in more than 30 countries globally. CI Ventures’ oceans investing concentrates on seed and early-growth stage opportunities that address the most significant challenges facing global ocean health and are aligned with our thematic investing areas: sustainable wild fisheries, sustainable aquaculture, and ecosystems and biodiversity resilience.