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Aquaculture Innovation Challenge

Finding bright minds and enabling them to realize their ambition by connecting them to finance and capital is THE Aquaculture Innovation Challenge (AIC).

The challenge is looking for Vietnamese and foreign individuals, students, start-ups, project teams, SME and other companies from all types of sectors (e.g. raw materials, manufacturing, services, information, human..). In summary, we seek for everyone who is addressing current sustainability challenges in the Vietnamese aquaculture sector from design, demonstration and upscaling. Do you have a ground-breaking idea or innovations that has impact on breeding, feeding, farming, post-harvest and waste, branding and marketing?

Background Aquaculture in Vietnam
It is commonly known that human lifespan is increasing and by 2050, the global population is expected to grow by another 2 billion to reach 9.6 billion people. By this time, given the current trend we will require nearly twice as much food. Both land and water resources, the basis of our food production, are finite and already under heavy stress. Much is uncertain, but two things are inevitable: 1) we will need more food in the future and 2) currently we are obtain less than 5% of the world’s food protein supply from the oceans. A part of our future food production is available in water.

The fish consumption has never been this high neither are people so depending on seafood for their well-being. In 2013, reached the position as biggest contributor to fish supply production with 70.5 million tonnes. In the coming 30 years, aquaculture is expected to grow with another 70 million. Aquaculture is a significant opportunity to enhance food security and Vietnam, ranking no. 4 producer of the world, has demonstrated its potential.

Asia (including Vietnam) produces the bulk of aquaculture production and this is where most of the concerns for sustainable aquaculture are concentrating.

In this context, innovation and entrepreneurship will be key in driving a durable sector in Vietnam, but also in Asia and across the wide production spectrum ranging from small holders that dominates the landscape to larger commercial enterprises devoted to exports. Yet to realise ambitions and innovations access to finance and capital is of high importance.

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