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The Jury

The Aquaculture Innovation challenge jury consists of experts with a background in science, business, finance and civil society. The jury will be updated regularly. If you would like to know more about the Jury model and Scoring kindly download the following document: Download Jury model & Scoring


Hans Perk (Jury chair)

Organisation: Solidaridad
Position: Senior program manager

Hans Perk is as a senior program manager responsible for the impact investment program at Solidaridad. Hans has been involved in sustainable development since 1995 and a solid track record in producer development, roundtables and certification. Hans started working after his career as an investment officer for Triodos Bank in The Netherlands where he developed the sustainable investment service of the bank. In 1999 he came in contact with coffee farmers in Guatemala who were developing a new form of certification with main stream coffee buyers and roasters. He joined the Guatemalan farmers as a special project manager responsible for implementing certification and transfer of ownership. In 2001 he joined Solidaridad and developed the coffee and cocoa programme and served as a board member of Utz Certified from 2001 until 2008. In 2010 Hans founded Solidaridad in West Africa, running programs in Ghana, Mali, Ivory Coast, Nigeria and Cameroon on cocoa, oil palm, cotton and gold. In 2013 Hans returned to Solidaridad in The Netherlands.


Nguyen Van Khanh

Organisation: De Heus LLC
Position: Business Development Manager

Mr. Nguyen Van Khanh is an Aquaculture Business Development Manager at De Heus LLC, where he is in charge of growing aqua feeds business for De Heus both in Vietnam as well as other Asian countries. Before joining De Heus, he had 10 years of experience in aquaculture, both in research and commercial positions. Khánh holds a Master of Science in Aquaculture, awarded by the Faculty of Bio-engineering of Ghent University – Belgium in 2011. He completed his B.Sc of Aquaculture, under joint-education programme between AIT, RIA1, and HAU in 2003.


Dr. Nguyen Trung Anh

Organisation: The PAN Group
Position: R&D director of The PAN Group

Trung Anh received an engineering degree in food technology from the Hanoi University of Technology. Then, he obtained a summa cum laude Master degree and Doctoral degree in Bio-science engineering from the Catholic University of Leuven (Belgium). After his PhD, Trung Anh worked for the “Flanders Centre of Postharvest Technology” that provides consultancies to the horticulture sector of Belgium and France. He has been in several positions in his career path and his responsibilities widely ranged from providing technical services on postharvest assignments to the management of many value chain development projects. Trung Anh also worked as a Sustainable Markets Senior Advisor and was responsible for managing a Sustainable Coffee Program in Vietnam. Trung Anh has recently obtained a MBA from Hawaii University and he is now R&D director of The PAN Group (www.thepangroup.vn) and a Board member of Aquatexbentre (www.aquatexbentre.com).


Gibran Chuzaefah Amsi

Organisation: eFishery
Position: Co-founder eFishery

Gibran started entrepreneurship endeavor from the second year in college. He set up catfish farming business in 2011 and built it persistently until it has 83 units of hatchery ponds currently. After graduation from biological science ITB in 2012, he saw an opportunity in supporting technology for fish farmers. He began to build eFishery at the time, which is the first internet of things (IoT) for fish farming in Indonesia that enable farmers to feed the fish automatically, sense the fish appetite, and connected to the internet. After months of research and hundreds of units of sales, eFishery is now recognized as one of the most distinguished IoT start-ups in Indonesia, as it is focusing in the big issue and creating impacts for both people and environment.

Gibran was the 1st winner at Mandiri Young Technopreneur Award 2012, and awarded as Best of the Best Young Entrepreneur 2013 by Ministry of SME Indonesia. He was also the Global Winner of Get In The Ring 2014, the olympiad for start-up in Rotterdam, Slush Global Winner 2014 in Helsinki, Seedstars World Global Finalist 2015 in Geneva, and got the award as the 1st winner in Spark Fire Pitch on Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2015 in Nairobi, Kenya.


Rudi Bijnens

Organisation: INVE
Position: Regional Sales Director Asia

Mr. Rudi Bijnens is currently holding the position of Commercial Director of INVE Aquaculture, responsible for the greater Asian region. He has been active in the Aquaculture Industry throughout his career and spent most of his professional active years in Asia. Mr. Bijnens obtained a Master’s degree in tropical aquaculture from the College of Engineering, Ghent, Belgium in 1994. For two years, he was attached to the Artemia & Aquaculture reference center at the University of Ghent during which he researched nutritional aspects in Turbot Brood stock and larval culture. From 1996 to 1999, he worked as Project Coordinator of the Flemish Association for Development Cooperation and Technical Assistance based at Can Tho University, Can Tho City, Vietnam. He is as well the co-founder of the Belgian Luxemburg Chamber of Commerce in Ho Chi Minh City and was chairman for two years. Mr. Bijnens joined INVE Aquaculture in 2000 and has set up the local INVE Company and business in Vietnam and grew it to the biggest contributor of the group worldwide. In 2008, he moved to Bangkok to take up his current role and responsibilities of the business throughout Asia. Today, his focus is on bringing Growth to the Aquaculture Industry as a whole and its customers in particular. Taking care by advocating sustainable aquaculture production.

Thuong Dang

Thuong Dang

Organisation: Vinh Hoan Corporation
Position: Director of Sustainability

After receiving an engineering Degree in Food Technology from Can Tho University, Thuong continued her studies at the University of François Rabelais-Tours, where she obtained a Master’s degree in Biology. During that Master’s program, she conducted an internship at Evialis, which involved researching and providing assessment of raw materials and updating matrix formulation for corn and rice bran. Since 2010, Thuong has been actively engaged in the Aquaculture Industry through Vinh Hoan Corporation. Her first key role included working as the Project Manager Assistant for Green Farm Project where she was in charge of an internal sustainable certification scheme for all company farms. After applying these international farming standards, Vinh Hoan became the first ASC-certified Pangasius farm in Vietnam and the world’s largest producer of Pangasius. In 2013, Thuong was promoted to the role of Farming Director of Vinh Hoan Corporation. From this position she and her team developed Vinh Hoan to become one the biggest ASC Pangasius producer in Mekong Delta and also saw it become the first enterprise to comprise 4-star BAP certification (which includes certification for hatchery, feed mill, processing, and farms). Today, Thuong is now Vinh Hoan Corporation’s Director of sustainability and is responsible for controlling and monitoring the fish raw quality of company, monitoring and improving sustainable farming standards, managing R&D and supporting the development of the company’s strategic marketing and management goals which ultimately are to establish Vinh Hoan as one of the world’s leading enterprises engaged in sustainable aquaculture.


Ellen Bogers

Organisation: Rabo Rural Fund
Position: Investment Manager

Ellen Bogers is Senior Investment Manager at Rabo Rural Fund. The Rural Fund (part of Rabobank Group) supports the more mature cooperatives and small and medium-sized enterprises (SME’s) active in the Agribusiness in developing countries. SME’s and cooperatives that have outgrown donations and soft loans but are not yet eligible for the standard / commercial bank loans, often have difficulty in attracting adequate and sufficient financing to support their further growth. The Rural Fund aims to plug this gap; we finance sustainable value chains in among others coffee, cocoa, spices, nuts, palm oil, seafood / aquaculture and canned and dried vegetables. In addition we finance fixed assets, such as the extension of production lines. Social impact is key. Small scale framers or fishermen, even not being our direct borrowers, should clearly benefit from Rabo Rural Fund’s lending. Financing the aquaculture is a relatively new area in our portfolio, however we see opportunities for the future. Rabobank participation in the jury will in addition be supported by An Ha from Rabobank Foundation and Corné de Louw (Rabobank International Advisory Services) in order to combine different levels of knowledge and experiences.


Roel Bosma

Organisation: WUR
Position: Project Manager

Dr.ir. RH (Roel) Bosma is an advocate of this interdisciplinary collaboration. After having graduated MSc in Tropical Animal Husbandry, and worked in rural development, university education & research and farming systems research, he obtained a PhD in Animal Sciences. At present he manages collaborative integrated research projects on aquaculture & coastal zone development, leads projects aiming at competence-based curriculum design, and supervises PhD students in the field of aquaculture development in South East Asia.


Johan Brouwer

Organisation: Seafood Connection
Position: Sales Director

Since 3.5 years Johan is working as a sales director for Seafood Connection. Seafood Connection is the European sales office of Maruha Nichiro, the biggest Seafood company in the world. Maruha Nichiro has numerous operations and facilities both in wild catch and aquaculture. Seafood Connection is 1 of the biggest importers from Vietnamese Seafood in Europe and has its own company in Ho Chi Minh City (Seacon Vietnam) to organize the export to Europe. In the years before Seafood Connection I worked many years as a sales director and various sales functions for the Salmon farming company Marine Harvest and its predecessors, 14 years in total.


Hugo Couderé

Organisation: Alterfin c.v.b.a. (Belgium)
Position: Senior Advisor

Hugo holds a Ph. D. in Applied Economics and has been working on rural development since 1980. He specialised in the field of rural finance and, since 1992, in microfinance and agricultural value chain finance. He has been teaching Development Management and Microfinance for seven years at IDPM – University of Antwerp. In 1995 he started Alterfin, a social investor company, and has been its Managing Director until 2013 when he became Senior Advisor for the same company. He has board-level experience in three microfinance institutions in Asia and Africa.


Arie Pieter van Duijn

Organisation: WUR
Position: Senior Researcher and Project Advisor

With over six years of field experience in Asia including working as a Coastal Community Management Specialist for FFI in the Red River Delta and Fisheries and Aquaculture Socio-economist in Vietnam for FAO, Arie started to work on coastal economic activities in deltas and lagoons in 1997. At that time he was investigating the economic aspects of locational decision of shrimp farmers in Thailand. In Hue Lagoon he mobilized fishermen and aqua-culturists to engage in co-management arrangements with local government to jointly manage lagoon resources and develop market linkages. He started working for Wageningen Economic Research in late 2008. Here, he briefly changed his focus working on a variety of (inter)national aquaculture, fisheries and transboundary marine and coastal zone management projects in mainly the Netherlands and Europe. In 2010 he shifted his focus back to Asia and subsequently to Africa. Currently, he applies his European experience as well as his experience in developed economies to support business development in aquaculture, fisheries and coastal activities focusing on domestic as well as export markets. Over the years Arie has worked in Europe, Azerbaijan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, Ghana, Egypt, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines.


Stephanie Kimber

Organisation: DFAT/ AUSaid
Position: Grand Challenges Manager

Stephanie Kimber is the Grand Challenges Manager for the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade’s innovationXchange, a unit created to catalyse and support innovation across the aid program. She has spearheaded Australia’s first development global challenge looking for innovative solutions to problems facing sustainable development in developing countries. The challenge is now supporting ten winners to implement their ideas in the Indian Ocean Region. Previously she worked on the aid program to Africa in maternal health and resources management.


Daniel Knoop

Organisation: Solidaridad
Position: International Program Coordinator Aquaculture

Daniel is Solidaridad’s global coordinator for the aquaculture programme. After his studies at Wageningen UR in Natural Resource Management, he joined the UN Food and Agriculture Organization in Central Africa where he focused on policy and enterprise development for food security. Before joining Solidaridad, he built a pilot cassava flour factory in the Democratic Republic of Congo and worked as an independent adviser, teacher and speaker in the Netherlands. He joined forces with Willem to set up STIP at Solidaridad in early 2014.


Coy Navarro

Organisation: Asian Development Bank
Position: Cleantech Venture Capital Expert

Coy has been consulting for clean energy programs funded by the Asian Development Bank, USAID, European Union and other bilateral agencies since 2010. He specializes in the incubation, development and investment facilitation of clean technology companies in Asia. To date, he has supported more than 120 companies and secured funding for more than 15 of these. In his private capacity, Coy is a shareholder and active board member of two electric vehicle startups in the Philippines.


Tom Prins

Organisation: Aqua-Spark
Position: Dealflow Analyst

With a background in business geography and diplomacy Tom Prins joined Aqua Spark in 2015. As the company’s dealflow analyst he is responsible for managing a pipeline of more than 600 companies across the globe, across various parts of the aquaculture value chain – from selective breeding and hatcheries, to feed, new production technologies and market access. With the company’s mission to transform today’s aquaculture industry into one that is more sustainable and doesn’t compromise the planet, Tom has a great overview of promising – clean – innovations in the aquaculture industry.


Patrick Sorgeloos

Organisation: Ghent University
Position: Professor of Aquaculture

Patrick Sorgeloos has been involved in fish and shellfish larviculture R&D in Europe, Asia, Latin America and Africa ever since the mid-seventies. In 1978 he established the Artemia Reference Center and in 1986 he became the first professor of aquaculture at Ghent University. Until his retirement as emeritus professor in October 2013 over 250 Master (from > 50 countries) and 70 PhD alumni (from > 20 countries) graduated at Ghent University in the field of aquaculture under his guidance. Patrick is a strong promoter of international networking in aquaculture and was/is involved with the World Aquaculture Society (1999-2000 President), the European Commission (chairman Thematic Network Aquaculture – AquaTnet; member Advisory Group DG Research FP7 theme 2 “food, agriculture and biotechnology; chairman ASEM Aquaculture Platform) and the European Aquaculture Technology & Innovation Platform (founding member). He was co-founder of the spin off company Artemia Systems that is now operating under the name of INVE Aquaculture. He received honorary awards in China, Egypt, Greece, Thailand, USA and Vietnam.